The correct position of toilet paper is in the direction of the room and not toward the wall as the inventor himself has explained -
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The correct position of toilet paper…
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The correct position of toilet paper is in the direction of the room and not toward the wall as the inventor himself has explained

September 03, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is not as serious as the heated arguments between dog lovers and cat lovers or those who prefer beach vacations to the mountains!

However, most likely you have asked yourself at least once --- how should a roll of toilet paper be put into a toilet paper roll holder? 

Many of us decide on the side according to personal preferences and others have never even thought about it!

Nevertheless, how a toilet paper roll should be positioned and torn is very precise and we get our information and instructions directly from the patent for this timeless invention.

Seth Wheeler is the name of the man to whom we are in debt for the invention of the toilet paper roll, as we know it today.

Wheeler filed his toilet paper roll patent on June 10, 1891. The well-thought out device has dotted lines to make it easy to tear off a sheet from the side where traction is applied. A toilet paper roll is designed to allow you to use only the amount that is really needed thereby avoiding waste. 

The text of the patent is accompanied by explanatory drawings from which we can discover the true and only way to put a roll of toilet paper in a toilet paper roll hanger.

Here it is! This is how the toilet paper roll was designed and this is the patented way to put it in a toilet paper roll holder.


The sheets of toilet paper should not be touching the wall and should also be above the remainder of the toilet paper roll.

If you have always placed your toilet paper roll in a toilet paper holder in this way, then you can be proud to know that this information officially establishes the correctness of your action. 

However, for those of you who have always used the other way, will you change your mind now?


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