An IKEA employee reveals the reason…
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An IKEA employee reveals the reason for the grooves on the bottom of their cups; they there to keep water from pooling

August 04, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you are also a fan of IKEA, the famous Swedish furniture, and home improvement company, you probably already appreciate the originality of their products and the very good quality price ratio.

However, there is another element that ultimately convinces customers to choose IKEA products! Namely, the commitment that designers have to creating items that aid us in overcoming small but annoying everyday problems.

The example we present in this article will help you to understand perfectly what we are trying to say!

On the bottom of all Ikea cups, there are grooves, similar to those on an ashtray. What purpose do they serve?

image: viralfood.nl

You have probably noticed these grooves but you have never asked yourselves about their utility. However, since it is a fact that these grooves are present on all IKEA cups, they must be important!

In fact, the grooves are used to eliminate any water that is deposited on the slightly indented bottom of the cup if it is cleaned in a dishwasher.

image: ikea.com

Have you ever found the bottom of your kitchenware full of dishwater? To avoid this, and getting wet when you take the kitchenware out of the dishwasher, IKEA designers thought of adding grooves on the bottom of their cups to allow any accumulated water to flow down and off of the cup! Very clever!  

So, now two important questions have been answered! First, the reason why there are grooves on the bottom of all IKEA cups and secondly, why this brand is one of the most appreciated! No one puts so much effort into making their products like IKEA!


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