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Even Husky dogs want and need their…
Today is your car's lucky day! You are going to clean it! :) Awake or asleep this little baby knows that he is loved!

Even Husky dogs want and need their own space! Who knew!? LOL

June 11, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Huskies are dogs who are comfortable in a human family because it is their nature to feel the need to be part of a pack, but apparently, their nap time is sacrosanct for them too!

In fact, when the owner asks his dog Mishka if he can lie down beside him to take a nap, the animal does not chase him away!

However, the dog's expression went from questioning looks to being annoyed at the intrusion and then becoming even a bit angry as we can see from the dog's eyes....that literally speak for themselves! Do not miss the hilarious show!

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