Sneaky dogs caught eyeing their owner's food! SO FUNNY!!! -
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Sneaky dogs caught eyeing their owner's…
A man removes the body panel of a car ... What lies beneath is SCARY! Simply put slices of apple in puff pastry ... The resulting low-calorie dessert is fantastic! :)

Sneaky dogs caught eyeing their owner's food! SO FUNNY!!!

February 01, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

Eating a meal at home when you have a dog is far from easy! Many things can happen and there are various possible scenarios: from the aggressive dog that is tired of waiting and just decides to jump on its the owner to grab a bite, to the more polite and discreet dog that attentively and slyly observes the movements of its owner while surreptitiously craving a tidbit!

In fact, it is exactly the latter that are the most fun to watch and who make you smile at their hilarious behavior! BTW, do you "recognize" you or your dog in this video? lol

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You don't know this human, but I'm watching you.

Pubblicato da The Huffington Post su Lunedì 17 novembre 2014

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