No parking zone! Your car? Now you see it ... now you don't! -
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No parking zone! Your car? Now you see…
 Gaziantep, a city in Turkey with beautiful ancient mosaics! An unexpected guest appears during a Russian TV news broadcast!

No parking zone! Your car? Now you see it ... now you don't!


If our car is towed away because we left it where we should not have, then we are dead wrong.

In fact, in Turkey, for example, sometimes they use a type of tow truck which solves the issue in less than one minute!

In this video, we see one of these special tow trucks as it approaches a car that is in a no-parking zone. It stops alongside the car, inserts two levers under it, lifts it up and moves it parallel to the ground, and simply loads it onto the back of the tow truck --- and then the tow truck drives away! Done!

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