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Freeze your lemons and maximize their…
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Freeze your lemons and maximize their utility!

May 14, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Lemons are have always been one of those foods that remain in the refrigerator when there is absolutely nothing else! However, it is also true that in times of need often we discover that we do not have any!

However, there is a way to both make sure that lemons are not left to rot in the fridge and that there is always a lemon in the house if you need one!

Here is a very simple method! Have you ever thought about freezing lemons? This citrus fruit lends itself very well to being stored in this manner, just simply put them in the freezer in resealable plastic freezer bags.

Here is how to store them and how to use them when needed.

1. First of all wash the lemon thoroughly, and then slice off the stem end.

It is recommended that you use only an organic and untreated lemon, and to thoroughly wash it in any case.

2. Put the lemon in a suitable resealable plastic freezer bag.


3. To use the lemon once it is frozen, you will have to grate it. To hold on to the lemon firmly, wear an oven glove so that your hand and fingers will not freeze!

4. What you will obtain is like shaved lemon ice, i.e. "sorbet". Everything will be grated both the lemon peel as well as the pulp. This is why it is important to use a lemon fruit that has not been chemically treated.

This is a good way to avoid wasting lemons, and especially to always have one available while preparing meals. Put a lemon in the freezer and when it comes in handy, you too will be glad you did! 

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