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Which watermelon should you buy? Here…
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Which watermelon should you buy? Here are four golden rules to choose the best one ... Keep them in mind!

June 10, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Eating a slice of watermelon in the summer is ideal to refresh yourself a little and enjoy a light snack during the day.

In fact, it is the least caloric fruit we have available during the summer and helps us replenish liquids during the hottest moments of the day.

Many people, especially children, love watermelon because of its sweet sugary taste and often tend to consume it as a snack or as a light lunch, perhaps on the beach under an umbrella.

Not all watermelons, however, taste the same and are equally delicious - and so, the problem continues every year: how to choose the best watermelon? 

Thanks to this little guide, you will no longer be one of those tormented souls in the supermarket in front of a pile of watermelons with no idea how to choose the best and sweetest watermelon of all!

The petiole

image: Pexels

A dry and brown petiole (stem) indicates that the watermelon has been harvested in an already mature phase; on the contrary, if the petiole is green, the fruit is unripe and has not reached the right sweet flavor.


3. The yellow spot

image: Flickr

If you notice a yellow spot at the base of the watermelon do not worry, it means that the fruit has been in contact with the ground warmed by the sun and has matured to the right point.

On the contrary, be wary of white spots and remember that a good watermelon must have a light yellow-orange color on the base that has been in contact with the soil.

4. Brown marks

image: Flickr

The fact that the brown marks are unsightly is true, but they are also a sign that the fruit is ripe and is also very tasty.

The brownish marks, in fact, are nothing more than small cracks left by insects (lizards or bees, for example) that know how to recognize a ripe and sweet fruit from an unripe one!

5. Weight

image: Wikipedia

When choosing a watermelon, remember not to underestimate the importance of its weight. You may already be wondering: Which is better the largest or the smallest watermelon?

The answer is somewhere in the middle - therefore, do not overdo it in either case! Remember, however, that the weight must be proportionate to the size of the watermelon.

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