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Natural, economical, and easy to prepare…
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Natural, economical, and easy to prepare weed killers!

April 26, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

You have spent time and money creating a  beautiful garden, but every time you look around you see growing everywhere undaunted those pesky weeds that even break through your patio baseboard tiles! 

It seems like there is nothing you can do, no matter how often the weeds are killed somehow they always manage to come back!

If you do not want to use a herbicide, either for economic or environmental reasons, we have found a number of alternative methods to finally get rid of weeds naturally and economically!

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1) Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). To remove weeds from the sidewalk or your garden patio, you can pour a handful of baking soda into the cracks and crevices where the weeds generally grow.

2) Get them drunk. Yes! Alcohol stuns weeds and slows their growth due to the dehydration it causes. Prepare a mix of vodka (30 cl), water (two cups) and a drop of dish soap and spray it on the weeds that grow in your garden.

3) Vinegar and salt. This is a lethal mix, especially if combined with essential oil of orange and a dash of dishwashing soap. Once they have been sprayed your weeds will have a very short life!

4) Preventing weeds from growing back. To do this you need to spread some corn flour in the area where your weeds normally grow, and this should prevent them from returning.

image: Maxpixel

5) Boiling water. Simple, without adding anything else! Pour a pot of boiling water on the weeds! That's all! 

6) Grow your lawn. One of the ways to keep weeds at bay is to fertilize your lawn so that the growing grass takes up all the space and nourishment from the weeds (but be careful because too much fertilizer may harm your grass!)

7) Rip out the weeds by hand. One of the best ways to eliminate the weeds is to rip them out of the soil by hand, but just make sure that you rip the weeds out by the root! If you do not then it will be as if you have pruned the weeds and they will just grow back bigger and stronger and in better shape than before! 

8) Salt water. Boil two parts of water and one part salt and when the mixture has reached the boiling temperature pour the water on the weeds. 

If you are still not satisfied --- then do as the lady in the video did!

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