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Discover a very easy and efficient garden…
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Discover a very easy and efficient garden irrigation system!


Have you decided to devote more attention to your garden? Whether you have available only a small balcony or a real garden, you should never miss an opportunity to create a space in your house dedicated to plants and flowers.

Before you start organizing and fitting it out according to your wishes and possibilities, it is always good to know a few gardening tricks that will come in handy on more than one occasion.

In this article, we are going to be revealing ten hacks, many of them are based on the recycling of objects that would otherwise be thrown away.

Deep irrigation

Some plants prefer watering from below rather than from above, so to help keep the soil moist, you can use an old plastic bottle. Just take a pointed object (a screwdriver or even the tip of a drill if the material is more resistant) make holes along the sides of the bottle. Next, bury the bottle in the soil leaving the neck of the bottle uncovered. When you pour water into the bottle it will gradually seep out into the ground through the holes without wetting any plant leaves.

Planting ... in a vase.

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Putting plants in an underground pot can be useful on several occasions. For example, if you are not sure of about how to arrange the plants that you have bought and you want to experiment, you can still move plants around in their vases without causing too much stress to the plant roots. Or if the soil that is available is sandy or has too much clay, you can still have the plants you love the most in your garden.


Growing tomatoes in dry climates.

image: here

Watering tomatoes with the technique of spraying or dripping may not be the most appropriate way in areas with a dry climate because the water may evaporate too quickly without nourishing their deep roots. To avoid this, what you need is a plastic bucket and a couple of shovels of compost. Make little holes in the sides of the plastic bucket and bury it leaving little holes below the ground. Pour some compost inside the plastic bucket and fill the bucket with water every 2 days. In this way, the water will not evaporate and the soil will always be moist --- the results of this technique are clearly visible!

Make roses bloom ... with potatoes!

Place the stems of roses in a whole potato, then bury the potato. In this way, the inside of the potato will keep the end of the rose stem wet and promote the development of strong roots.

How to build concrete vessels

In this period it is very fashionable to use cement with vases containing flowers, so here is how to create them at home using a quick-setting concrete mix. Buy plastic containers of various sizes, and arrange them in pairs one inside the other. Pour into the space between the two containers, some cement and allow it to dry completely before removing the mold. The end result will be amazing!

Create a water reserve from a plastic bottle.

image: Dabbletree

Once again plastic water bottles are useful for creating a foolproof technique for irrigation. In the summer especially, the leading cause of mortality of plants is the fact that if the leaves get wet, then the heat of the sun "burns" them. In order not to get the leaves wet, you should bury a perforated bottle and fill it with water so that watering will take place gradually in the soil and will be directed only to the plant roots.

Get sweeter tomatoes with baking soda!

If you love tomatoes grown at home because they are sweeter and juicer than those bought at the supermarket, here is a trick for you to improve them even more. Try adding a bit of baking soda to the surface soil -- be careful not to get any on the plant! This substance counteracts the natural acidity of the soil. The results are very sweet tomatoes!

Planting seeds in a lemon rind.

Hollowed out lemon rinds that are filled with soil are excellent containers for growing plants from seeds. Then when it is time to transplant them into the ground, remove the zest and toss it in the compost. Burying the lemon rind is not recommended because the acidity of the soil could eventually become too high.

Decorate your garden with a concrete path.

To give a touch of originality to your lawn, beautify it with concrete stepping stones. You can just buy the concrete and the mold to create the tiles. Fill the space with cement and level the surface. Let dry slightly, and then remove the mold. Wait a few hours for the cement to dry completely before you walk on it.

A green hut ...made of PVC pipes.

image: Pvcplans

PVC pipes are cheap and are great for many DIY jobs. Look what you can build with some PVC pipes and some juncture! This garden hut will support your plants while guaranteeing ventilation and the right amount of sunshine.

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