Discover how to create beautiful "Sugar Bowls"! -
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Discover how to create beautiful "Sugar…
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Discover how to create beautiful "Sugar Bowls"!


What dish do you normally use to serve dessert to your guests? We recommend one, in particular, that certainly will not be forgotten easily!

This "sugar bowl" is totally edible and gives an extra note of sweetness to any dessert served at the end of a meal. Not only that but creating these sugar bowls is also a lot of fun and something that can be done with children!

Making sugar bowls is very easy! Just put in a saucepan 250 g of water, 300 g of sugar and 175 g of corn syrup (you can replace it with glucose syrup). Bring to a boil and add small shiny colored edible sugar balls aka "sprinkles" as decoration.

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