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Discover how to grow high-yield tomato…
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Discover how to grow high-yield tomato plants!


Growing tomatoes is something that just about everyone decides to try to do at least once, even if the space available is limited.

Very often, however, what you get is a production of foliage that far exceeds that of the fruit which is what interests us! 

Following the "ten commandments" (instructions) in this video can be the key to increasing your production of tomatoes by five times and thus guarantee a genuine and satisfactory reward for all your commendable gardening efforts!

Ten simple commandments!

By following these "ten commandments" you will be able to see your tomato plant produce an amount five times greater than that of a typical plant.

1 - The first and most important step is choosing the plant. Do not buy the first one that happens and do not rely only on the advice of those who are selling the plants! Consult someone in your area who has been growing tomatoes for some time and get knowledgeable information about the type and quality of tomato plants that suit the climatic conditions where you going to grow your tomatoes.

2 - Once you have selected the plant, plant it in the ground and let it grow for two or three days.

You will notice that the plant will begin to grow perpendicularly to the ground on its own. 

3 - When you are at this stage you can proceed by digging a small hole in the soil and burying the stem, leaving 6-7 centimeters outside it.
4 - Add to the soil a slow-release natural fertilizer (for optimum results it is suggested to prepare the soil before planting the tomatoes following the Mittleider method).
5 - Build a circular metal structure to be placed around the plant. A grid of 150 cm high and 60 cm in diameter should be fine. You can make these structures more stable by placing wooden arches between one and the other.
6 - Depending on the climate, take care to protect the plants from the sun, cold and wind by resorting to the gardening technique of sheet mulching.
7 - Treat the plants every week with a water soluble fertilizer spraying directly on the leaves.


8 - As soon as the first fruits begin to appear, feed the soil with ammonium sulfate fertilizer and water.

9 - Harvest the tomatoes when they have reached about 30% of their full maturity. If you wait any longer, there will be more risk of the tomatoes being eaten by birds. 
10 - Never store tomatoes in the refrigerator -- the cold will destroy their flavor and texture.

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