Nature's perfect mechanical gears that allow insects to HOP! -
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Nature's perfect mechanical gears that…
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Nature's perfect mechanical gears that allow insects to HOP!

April 12, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Since its invention humankind has been convinced that the mechanical gear concept was a human invention. Now a study shows that Mother Nature had already preceded us.

In an insect belonging to the family of fulgoroidea Kirkaldy also called omottero, there has been, in fact, observed an anatomical structure identical to the operation of toothed wheels aka gears.

The insect has one pair at the juncture of its hind legs acting as a "gear" and is able to synchronize its movements thereby increasing the speed and accuracy of its movements.

The discovery shows that the man has built a biological mechanism previous year. Through a series of anatomical studies and high-speed video, a group of scientists at the University of Cambridge, led by Malcolm Burrows and Gregory Sutton he was able to detect the presence of this natural gear. The discovery was published in Science Volume 341.

This particular structure allows the insect to carry the fast jumps. Its legs move in sync in a millionth of a second!


Also interesting is the fact that scientists have found this mechanism only in the insect juvenile stage.

How many things have yet to discover nature ... it never ceases to surprise and fascinate us!

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