Grow your own fresh and tasty GARLIC! -
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Grow your own fresh and tasty GARLIC!
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Grow your own fresh and tasty GARLIC!


Probably garlic is one of those ingredients that is never missing in the house, but precisely because it is used for the preparation of many dishes, would it not be better to grow it conveniently at home?

You do not need a garden, in fact, a large pot is enough to provide a satisfactory supply of garlic. In this article, we will learn some more information about this food but above all, we will learn how to grow garlic by ourselves!

Garlic is not only a key ingredient that gives flavor to dishes, it is also a great ally of the body from different points of view.

Garlic strengthens the immune system and it has been observed how people who take a garlic supplement fall ill less frequently with seasonal ailments. It also helps in the treatment of streptococcus and staphylococcus diseases. Lastly, many people use garlic, for example, in the case, of a severe ear infection.

When consumed together with other foods, garlic disposes of harmful cholesterol by preventing it from attaching itself to the blood vessels. Moreover, this also means that it helps to prevent the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes.

Garlic is not at all difficult to grow! In fact, if you have land available or just a potted garden, you can grow your own supply of garlic.


Let's see how you can start growing garlic at home ...

We advise you to obtain organic garlic, which is grown without the use of pesticides and other chemicals. Be careful when you buy garlic at the supermarket! The label "organic" is often not enough to ensure the effective authenticity of the product.

1. Plant the garlic cloves before any periods of frost.

2. Create shallow furrows in the ground, spaced about 15 cm (6 in) apart.

3. Separate by a head the larger garlic cloves, which are the only ones that should be planted!

4. Plant the cloves about 5 cm (2 in) deep at about 10 cm (4 in) from each other. Make sure the tip of the garlic is pointing upward.

5. Cover the garlic cloves with soil and water abundantly the first time.

6. Now the only left thing to do is wait! Water regularly when the soil appears to be dry at 2 cm (1 in) deep, using a little water at a time.

7. From the ground you will see beginning to grow, a bunch of tufted leaves; when there are 5 or 6 leaves, then it is time to pull the head of garlic out of the ground.

The crop is now ready to be eaten (you will discover the wonderful flavor of fresh garlic), or you can set them aside to dry.

This is so easy that it is absurd to continue to buy garlic at the supermarket!

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