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Instant privacy ... economical, fast,…
A Husky dog and its owner always argue but who gets the last word?! See how motorists react to an accident in South Korea ...

Instant privacy ... economical, fast, and effective!


Do you also have a window that allows anyone to easily peek inside your home? This is not just an inconvenience, especially if it is a bathroom window!

If you want to permanently get rid of the fear of being seen then this DIY remedy might interest you! How about pasting decorated paper, or even lace doilies on the window glass that you want to obscure?

You can make cornstarch "glue" by combining 30 grams of starch in 100 ml of cold water. Mix well and transfer the solution to a pot containing 200 ml of boiling water. Continue to combine the hot water and cornstarch mix, stirring constantly until the mixture has reached the consistency of "glue".

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