An ingenious device safely and cheaply prevents landmine victims! -
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An ingenious device safely and cheaply…
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An ingenious device safely and cheaply prevents landmine victims!

January 25, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

All wars, once finished, leave behind debris, broken families, and poverty. But one of the problems that we often forget to mention is that of unexploded landmines. 

This young Afghan design engineer, after being forced to leave his country at the age of 10, has returned bringing with him an idea that could save the lives of many at a fraction of the cost (only $43 USD for each device) when compared to the cost of traditional landmine clearing techniques and equipment.

The ingenious device is a ball built with bamboo slats that is propelled and pushed by the wind into the middle of the minefields. Passing over a landmine, it blows it up safely and continues on its path.

Each device can be used to trigger several explosions before it becomes so damaged that it is no longer able to exert the necessary pressure to detonate the bombs.


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