He bought a Rolex in 1960 for $120 USD and years later he took it to an expert that valued it at $75,000 USD

When someone with more experience than us gives us dispassionate advice, it is good to have the foresight to follow it because certainly, some benefit will come of it. For this American veteran, for example,…
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An ingenious device safely and cheaply prevents landmine victims!

All wars, once finished, leave behind debris, broken families, and poverty. But one of the problems that we often forget to mention is that of unexploded landmines.  This young Afghan design engineer,…
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Elephants protect their young ones at the warning sirens for air strikes in Israel

Even these elephants experience the horror of war and their behavior testifies it. Frightened and nervous by the bombing and the sirens, they try to gather around their precious young ones.
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