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Feet and Shoe hacks that keep you ...…
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Feet and Shoe hacks that keep you ... one step ahead! :)


Wearing comfortable shoes not only allows you to be able to walk longer distances without problems but also prevents problems related to posture and therefore allows you to live better.

Then, the answer, is easy, just make sure that your feet are always comfortable so that you can feel good ....but how? Furthermore, what can you do to take care of your shoes so as to make the most of them?

Today, we reveal 20 ingenious hacks that will allow you to have healthy and relaxed feet in comfortable shoes! Once you have read them, you will wonder why you never thought of them before because they are really very easy to follow ...

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1. If your leather shoes are so thick and tight that they hurt your feet, just wear heavy socks and use a hot hair dryer, to soften and relax the leather!

2. Do you want to wear heels? Try to bind together the 3rd and 4th toe and feel what a relief!


3. Do your feet sweat very often? Just use a panty liners as an inner sole and the bad smell will vanish.

4. If the soles are too smooth and make you slip, just rub the soles with some sandpaper and the problem is solved.

5. Instead, if the problem is new shoes, which can create redness from rubbing, just apply some deodorant.


6. Have wearing your shoes caused blisters? To relieve pain and prevent infection immerse your feet in a basin of black tea.

7. Do you want your patent leather shoes to shine like new again? Just spray them with glass cleaner and you are done!


8. Are your white shoes making you desperate because you do not know how to get clean and white again? Clean them with nail polish remover!

9. If your feet are sliding inside of shoes that are slightly too big for you then apply some hairspray to the inside of the shoes -- and you will not slide anymore!


10. If your shoes are wet, just put some paper inside and they will dry much quicker.

1. Are your shoes are too tight? Place a small freezer bag full of water inside each shoe and put everything in the freezer! The water, as it increases in volume, increases the size of the shoes.

12. If you need to transform a spring shoe into an autumn one, you can simply change the sole.

13. If your feet hurt, you will surely benefit by moving and rolling with them with tennis balls.

14. If your shoes, especially your tennis shoes aka trainers, smell bad, you can sprinkle some baking soda in them to eliminate orders!

15. A tip for those who like to go jogging! No need to hold the house keys in your hand, just tie them to your shoelaces!

16. If desired, you can also use your trainers or shoes for storing other things, just to make more room in your suitcase ...

17. If there are some stains on your leather shoes, by using an old toothbrush and white vinegar, all the stains will completely disappear!

18. Long Boots? You can use rolls of rubber or paper to maintain their shape.

19. Do your stylish patent leather shoes have any scratches? With cotton sticks and vaseline they will all go away!

20. If you have blisters that refuse to go away, you can simply apply some roll-on deodorant ... relief is guaranteed!

Wait! Here are five more great hacks to be discovered in this quick video!

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