See what the Montessori method can do! -
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See what the Montessori method can do!
What are those nightmarish creatures?! Modern technology used for natural disaster relief!

See what the Montessori method can do!


We all know that the educational method developed by the scientist and educator Maria Montessori is still one of the most used in the world in the field of pedagogy.

After having spoken about the calming jar and the learning tower that Montessori conceived, today we want to show you in practice, the behavior of a child who has been brought up according to the Montessori educational method and what this child has learned to do. 

The concepts that come to mind while watching this little girl? Calmness, precision and . . . independence!

Tags: Children

Toddlers have a strong sense of order and desire to be independent

Pubblicato da Montessori Moms su Martedì 3 febbraio 2015

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