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Rice adulteration test -- check your…
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Rice adulteration test -- check your rice!

November 06, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

For some years now several Chinese companies have adopted the unhealthy habit of producing rice made with . . . plastic.

You read that right, companies in the northeast of China that produce a well-known quality of rice (Wuchang) have started to create rice grains identical to the natural ones using potatoes, sweet potatoes, and plastic.

Unfortunately, it has been discovered that this product has also been sold outside of China, both in the Southeast Asia region and in Europe.

In this video, we show you how to tell if the rice you are consuming contains plastic:

- test the rice grains by placing them in a glass of water; those that float are plastic 
- try to burn a spoonful of rice; the smell will betray the presence of plastic (and the rice will turn black immediately)
- crush grains of rice; if you get little pieces instead of fine rice powder then you should worry
- boil a little rice and leave it in a jar for 3-4 days; real rice will develop mold or fungus 

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