There is always an alcoholic beverage…
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There is always an alcoholic beverage in this girl's photos: a powerful campaign against alcohol abuse

January 04, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

From the day that Louise Delage set up her Instagram profile, she received 50,000 likes and 7,500 followers, all in a few weeks.

What attracted the attention of the Instagram users was a fairly cute face, holiday-style photos, groups of friends, boat trips, and walks in city centers.

There is one detail, however, that is present in all the photos that were uploaded to the social network, that no one had noticed, which was actually the key to the entire Instagram profile.

There are countless thousands of women and girls like Louise. They are not overly beautiful, have a slender body, and an Instagram profile on which to upload summer photos.

Swimming pools, beaches, dinners, cocktails, friends, and lots of fun. Right up until the moment when the truth was revealed --- in one last photo ....this one!

In her last photo, Louise looks noticeably sad and unlike her first photos, in this image, her face has a disgruntled look. Now, it appears that it is not enough to be on vacation, under the sun, and in a swimming pool.


As a matter of fact, Louise Delage does not exist --- this persona was only created to function as a campaign against alcohol abuse, especially by young people.

Scrolling through the pictures on her profile, many details can be seen and noticed, but never one, in particular, the most important one! Louise is always accompanied by alcohol, even when she does not have a bottle or a glass in her hand; it is always there in the background.

At first, it seems that the campaign was certainly very successful because it went viral but its goal was never accomplished. No one noticed the detail about all the glasses and bottles.

However, this is precisely the point! The total lack of awareness on the part of all those people who clicked a "Like" for one of Louise Delage's photos, reveals a lot about the perception we have concerning the consumption of alcohol, especially by a young woman. 

It is not frowned upon much less considered dangerous, but rather a status symbol, synonymous with fun, freedom and perhaps money: his photos always accompanied by drinks and drink show of a life that more than a few people wanted.

The campaign was organized by the creative advertising agency BETC and Addict Aide and named "Like my Addiction". Therefore, each "Like" received was actually a "Like" for alcohol consumption and everything that comes with it.

According to associations that fight substance abuse, nowadays, it is very difficult to distinguish when a habit becomes an addiction. Dependency on alcohol can be very mild and does not necessarily mean liver cirrhosis, depression, and self-destruction. At least not immediately.

Furthermore, it is very difficult to recognize it in ourselves, let alone in people who are close to us. In fact, no one noticed Louise's alcohol dependence, but rather only her fine clothes and her cute face illuminated by the sun.


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