Love Indoor plants? Here are three ingenious hacks! -
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Love Indoor plants? Here are three ingenious…
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Love Indoor plants? Here are three ingenious hacks!


Having plants in the house is not just beneficial for our health, but they also give the place a touch of green nature that makes everything more beautiful. Here then are three easy tips to keep plants healthy and save you time and energy! 

- Put a sponge in the bottom of a pot and cover it with soil -- this method prolongs the hydration of the plant if you cannot water it as often as you should;

- Place some pine cones at the bottom of a pot and cover them with soil -- in this way, you will use only the necessary amount of soil and the vase will remain light; 

- If you want to easily remove plants from their pots, then, first place a coffee filter in a pot before putting in the soil!

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