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Here's the most original way to get money from passers-by !

There are many different ways to collect donations from passers-by: there are those who sing, those who simply sit down, those who dance. In this case these people came up with a nice way to which, especially…
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A condor is set free after two years --- Here is the exciting moment!

Due to poisoning this condor had been forced to live in captivity, but after two years of treatment and observation this beautiful condor was ready to be set free. When he was returned to the Chilean…

WOW ! Look at this huge group of birds flying off this tree !!

Sometimes nature can be amazing in unexpected ways. This tree is so full of birds that its shape is completely changed: however, just wait a few seconds and they all fly away simultaneously.

At first it seems that this man has bad intentions. But what he does is amazing !

At the begining it may seem that this man is approaching the pelican with the intention to play with it or harass it somehow. The truth, however, is pleasantly surprising: the unfortunate bird has a twisted…

A funny talking parakeet !

Not only larger parrots have the ability to speak, with a little exercise also parakeets, the most commonly species to be found in homes, are able to repeat and articulate complex and very funny sounds.

The adorable parrot serenade during dinner time

This cute parrot decided to sing a beautiful serenade for his huge friend during dinner time. Although the dog looks absolutely careless of the gift, the bird does not give up and like a true artist completes…
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