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A driver sees a pigeon between the vehicles -- what is it doing?

If you think of pigeons as birds that are boring and not very creative then this pigeon, in particular, will make you change your mind! In the video, a Dutch motorist on a highway was, fortunately, able…
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A huge dog is sleeping --- look what a little bird is doing!

A bird utilizes various methods to get what it needs to make its nest, but the protagonist of our video will surprise you for its ingenuity and cleverness. Instead of twigs and dry grass, this little…
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Three birds perch on a branch --- After a few seconds you will not believe your eyes!

If you want to impress the person you are in love with then perhaps you can take inspiration from this collective dancing known as "lekking" performed by this colorful group of manakin birds with their…

A condor is set free after two years --- Here is the exciting moment!

Due to poisoning this condor had been forced to live in captivity, but after two years of treatment and observation this beautiful condor was ready to be set free. When he was returned to the Chilean…

Two hummingbirds are having dinner ... A few seconds later? A sight to see and hear!

This video, filmed by an amateur photographer in Montana (USA), will without a doubt, bring a bit of beauty and poetry to your day! It all starts with two cute little hummingbirds that are feeding on…

A man holds a red glass: what happens next is priceless !

To enjoy the contact with nature, you can walk in a park or even better go to a forest: listen to the birds singing and fill your eyes with the green of the trees, is refreshing. This man, however, didn't…

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