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Video Bears

A pet bear

In russia among pets are also included brown bears.
Animals Bears Funny Russia

The bear practicing Kung Fu

A funny video where a bear shows the martial arts skills

Mother bear saves baby bear

A Mum is always worried when it comes to her child, even if she's a bear. In this case, the caring mother bear saves her little one from the dangers of the road

Mom, I'm not going down .. Prrr !

Mother bear is trying to help her son, but it seems that the little bear doesn't want to leave the tree.
Animals Bears Cute

My dear friend Bear!

Doug Seus is a bears tamer, watch this video where he plays with one of them.
Animals Bears Wtf

His head has been stuck in a bucket for days, but someone finds the courage to intervene

The inhabitants of a small town in Pennsylvania report that a bear has had his head stuck in a bucket for two months, and asked for help to save it. A couple immediately sets out to capture the bear and…

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