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Compassionate conservation officer saves…
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Compassionate conservation officer saves orphaned bears!


British Canadian animal conservation officer, Bryce Casavant's story seems almost unbelievable!

Officer Casavant, after having captured two bear cubs that had been orphaned when their mother had been euthanized, refused to also euthanize the bear cubs as he had been ordered. Due to his refusal, Casavant was initially suspended without pay from his job!

Now, further details about the story have been revealed that make what has happened seem even more incredible and hard to believe! 

In July of 2015, a female bear was captured while she was found once again, ransacking a meat freezer in the garden of a private home and because of these frequent offenses, the female bear was then euthanized.

Finding themselves orphaned the two bear cubs began to wander through the forests of British Columbia until they arrived in areas with human inhabitants.


Alerted by animal control, Bryce Casavant was among the conservation operators who had captured the two bear cubs, but upon receiving the order to also euthanize the bear cubs, Officer Casavant refused to comply.

After taking the two bear cubs to an animal rehabilitation center, Casavant was suspended from work and notified that his pay had also been suspended!

After a year of legal battles and online campaigns urging the conservation authorities to rehire Casavant, now he has been permanently transferred to another job.

An epilogue, that is as unexpected as bitter to this man whose only crime is that he considered it absurd to kill two bear cubs just because they were motherless.

Casavant gave an interview in which he says that although he was disappointed by the decision taken by his superiors, nevertheless, going back, he would still make the same choice.

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