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A little baby bear cub cannot stop embracing the man who saved it from a wildfire

2019 was a difficult year in regards to forest fires ― just think of the Amazon, hit by serious forest fires, and immediately afterward also in Australia, where hundreds of animals lost their lives,…

Mother bear brings her cubs for a swim in the pool and what the video camera captures is hilarious

In many parts of the United States, houses are located at the edge of the woods and it is not rare that people find themselves at close range with some wild creature.  This family from New Jersey happened…
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Strange friends ... a huge black bear and a kitten!

In a zoo, you can see big cats, such as tigers, lynx, and leopards ... but it is certainly not common to find an ordinary cat. However, in the zoo in Folsom, California, what surprises visitors are not…
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Who will win in this fight? The Bear or the Elk?

Life in the wild follows rules that are in blatant contrast to each other. For example, there is the natural and fierce hunting instinct of a hungry bear as opposed to the very determined and fearless…
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A laughing clown scares a hungry bear away!

When having bears attack your rubbish bin every night becomes a normal thing, then you have to think of a way to keep them away because finding one right in front of you one day would be very dangerous!…
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Compassionate conservation officer saves orphaned bears!

British Canadian animal conservation officer, Bryce Casavant's story seems almost unbelievable! Officer Casavant, after having captured two bear cubs that had been orphaned when their mother had been…

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