A little baby bear cub cannot stop embracing the man who saved it from a wildfire

2019 was a difficult year in regards to forest fires ― just think of the Amazon, hit by serious forest fires, and immediately afterward also in Australia, where hundreds of animals lost their lives,…

Mother bear brings her cubs for a swim in the pool and what the video camera captures is hilarious

In many parts of the United States, houses are located at the edge of the woods and it is not rare that people find themselves at close range with some wild creature.  This family from New Jersey happened…
Animals Bears Funny

Strange friends ... a huge black bear and a kitten!

In a zoo, you can see big cats, such as tigers, lynx, and leopards ... but it is certainly not common to find an ordinary cat. However, in the zoo in Folsom, California, what surprises visitors are not…
Animals Bears Cats

Who will win in this fight? The Bear or the Elk?

Life in the wild follows rules that are in blatant contrast to each other. For example, there is the natural and fierce hunting instinct of a hungry bear as opposed to the very determined and fearless…
Animals Bears Deers

A laughing clown scares a hungry bear away!

When having bears attack your rubbish bin every night becomes a normal thing, then you have to think of a way to keep them away because finding one right in front of you one day would be very dangerous!…
Animals Bears Cute

Compassionate conservation officer saves orphaned bears!

British Canadian animal conservation officer, Bryce Casavant's story seems almost unbelievable! Officer Casavant, after having captured two bear cubs that had been orphaned when their mother had been…

Horror Zoo! --- with starving bears begging for food!

Viewers are horrified after watching this video of three bears in the Bandung Zoo (Indonesia) visibly malnourished, standing on their legs trying to attract the attention of visitors and imploring them to…
Animals Bears Report

An affectionate polar bear and a dog?

Bears, for some reason, always convey a strong idea of tenderness. But we know that they are actually animals that rarely make friends with other species. This time, however, we have to think again! Sitting…
Bears Dogs Tenders

A scary experience --- meeting a bear unexpectedly!

How would you react if, while you were in town taking a walk, you found yourself face to face with a ... bear? Probably not everyone would be able to have the presence of mind of this Florida woman who…

When is a tree a bear's best friend?!

For the filming of a part of the spectacular documentary Planet Earth II, produced by the BBC, we left a few cameras in a Canadian forest. Many bears live in this forest, and during the day they frequently…
Animals Bears Funny

Bathers at a Lake Tahoe beach see something they will never forget!

You decide to spend a day at a lake and you find yourself swimming with bears? Well, actually, in some countries you can!  Lake Tahoe (Sierra Nevada, USA) is famous for its limpid waters and the breathtaking…

A bear lost and confused with its head stuck in a can! --- See its rescue!

This video was filmed near Tok in Alaska, where a bear was spotted with its head stuck in a can, apparently lost and totally confused because it could not see. The sharp edges of the can would have caused…

A bear discovers a water sprinkler --- what follows are happy moments!

This family has installed a sprinkler in the garden, but suddenly an unexpected and uninvited guest arrives! In fact, a very large brown bear discovers their water sprinkler and understandably could not…

Russian volunteers feed orphaned bears --- here is what happens every day!

The Toropec's Biological Station - "Clean Forest" in Russia, which is an orphaned bear cub rehabilitation center reveals the daily routine of preparing meals and feeding a large litter of orphaned bear…
Animals Bears Wtf

A girl is snowboarding --- Unaware that "someone" is chasing her!

While browsing the Internet, we often come across tales of spectacular situations and events, but we cannot always be sure of their truthfulness.  In this case, we observe a scenario that definitely…
Animals Bears Mountain Wtf

A man begins to do push-ups at the zoo --- The polar bear's reaction is A MUST SEE!

Working out at the gym can be very tedious and boring if you do not find some strong incentives to justify the effort. In any case, the man in the video has, at least, identified perhaps the best place…

She lived 30 years locked in a circus cage -- But now after a few months she is unrecognizable!

The sad story of Fifi, the bear, is unfortunately like many others we have already read. When she was just a bear cub, she was taken to a zoo in Pennsylvania, where for 10 years she was forced to perform…

Something is blocking the road, but nobody complains ... here's why!

When  traffic stops in the middle of the road and cars are blocked and cannot move, the reactions of the motorists are almost never positive! In fact, often, the frustration caused by traffic jams can…

A man finds a bear cub next to its dead mother ... In return, the bear gives him lasting friendship!

Casey Anderson's best friend is a grizzly bear!  It all started 10 years ago, when Casey, who lives in Montana and works as an animal keeper and trainer, found a bear cub next to its dead mother! Casey…

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