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Grow Onions In An Apartment!? What?…
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Grow Onions In An Apartment!? What? Yes! Check It Out!


Who said that to consume fresh vegetables you have to live in the countryside? No matter how small the space you have available is for growing fresh vegetables, even in a single square meter, you can do a lot.

Even if you do not have a garden plot, there are several solutions for creating a vertical garden and taking advantage of wall space. Today we will show you how to grow fresh onions all year long in the space that a plant pot occupies and in record time.

Let's see how!

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You will need the following material:

• One 5 to 8-liter plastic bottle

• Scissors

• Soil

• awl

• Sprouted onion bulbs ready to plant

Start by cutting off the top of the plastic bottle.


Heat the awl with a lighter and punch holes in the bottom of the plastic bottle by melting the plastic.

Onions do not tolerate excessive moisture. Therefore, these holes ensure a proper water drainage.

With the scissors, cut out several square 5 cm window-like holes on the sides of the plastic bottle. These are the openings through which the onions will germinate.

The holes have to be at least 10 cm away from each other, to ensure a good shoot growth for the onions.


Fill the plastic bottle with soil and place the bulbs in correspondence to the holes.

The part of the bulb with the sprout should be positioned outside of the holes on the sides of the plastic bottle.

Finally, reposition the neck of the plastic bottle that you cut off previously.

Et voila! Now, you only need to put the plastic bottle in a dry and bright place. The plastic will help to create a greenhouse effect, accelerating the growth of the bulbs.

If you want onions with a sweeter flavor, you will have to water them more frequently. When the onions have sprouted then they will be ready to be used!

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