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25 Photographic Coincidences That You…
18 rebels who have heroically transgressed the rules 22 ideas to give new usefulness to objects that often end up in the trash

25 Photographic Coincidences That You Will Not Be Able To Understand At First Glance


You know when you take a picture but then reviewing it on your computer or mobile phone you realize that something went wrong?

This is exactly what happened to these improvised surrealist photographers. Each of them wanted to capture an apparently anonymous moment, but they found that they had a disturbing or sometimes even monstrous shot on their hands.

Have fun browsing this incredible photo gallery.

1. When you take a picture and you seem to be in a video game!

2. The ashes of a volcanic eruption in Chile seem like a giant monster looming over the city!

image: Z3F/reddit

3. A cactus that looks awfully like a climbing man

4. The jet of water itself seems an elephant

5. A very small-headed dog

image: Sconosciuto

6. The shadow of this building looks like the profile of a face ...

image: Sconosciuto

7. Chocolate-filled pastries or small sloths?

8. A horse with two heads

9. The sun hits the poles perpendicularly ... and looks like a low-quality video game

10. The reflection of the chairs on the glass makes it appear that the professor has wet his pants!

11. This is vaguely revolting

image: imgur

12. What is happening here?

image: imgur

13. A cat sneezing can open the gates of hell

14. A woman who is eating ... or a seal wearing sunglasses?

image: Sconosciuto

15. A woman-dog on her way to work

image: Sconosciuto

16. A very happy carburetor.

image: Sconosciuto

17. Someone is secretly spying on us ...

18. The outdoor lights of a restaurant reflected on the glass announce an alien invasion!

image: fweng/reddit

19. Everything is ok.

image: imgur

20. Has someone's brakes failed?

21. Donald Trump's profile ... in a dog's ear?

image: Sconosciuto

22. The god Anubis traveling by train?

image: imgur

23. Are they real or just a 3D drawing?

24. A crowded concert? No, only machines to harvest cotton ...

25. Open the window and let it in, it's freezing! :-D


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