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Can You Easily Perform These Movements With Your Hands? You May Have Marfan Syndrome!

If you remember, there is a period during our childhood in which were always saying, "Can you do this? And this?"  Well, if you have noticed that besides being able to roll your tongue in every which…

Dogs Know Whether A Person Is Good Or Bad According To Scientific Research

Have you ever wondered why your dog is particularly agitated or even aggressive with certain people? If you think about it, you will surely remember that you usually end up blaming your four-legged friend…

An Elderly Chimpanzee Receives The Last Visit From Her Friend And Their Meeting Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes ...

If you have any doubts that primates experience the exact same emotions as humans, this video will eliminate your doubts. The chimpanzee you see is called Mama, and is the matriarch of the chimpanzee colony…

Are You The Favorite Snack Of Mosquitoes? :(

You are not a victim of imaginary episodes of persecution! If you have the feeling that mosquitoes are biting you more than the other people around you, there is probably some truth in it, and even an explanation. …

Donating Blood Is One Of The Most Altruistic Things You Can Do!

Knowing your blood type is important, especially if you have a rare blood type.  Furthermore, it would also be wise to write it down and keep it in your wallet or purse for emergency situations where…

A Device Gives Parkinson's Patients The "lift" They Need!

Tremor is one of the most debilitating aspects of Parkinson's disease. The sufferer is forced to abandon almost all daily activities, even though they are mentally capable of performing them.  Even eating…

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