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The More Time You Spend With Your Mother, The Longer She Will Live --- This Has Been Confirmed In A Study!

As one advances in age, there are a series of problems that complicate a person's life and can affect an older person both physically and psychologically. To aggravate the situation of those who are faced…

Here's Why You're Bitten By Mosquitoes Far More Than Anyone Else!

Every year during the summer, millions of people are targeted by the most hated insect of all: the mosquito. By now all the solutions to the problem have been tested such as disinfestations, mosquito…

Taking Care Of Grandchildren Extends The Life Of Grandparents ... And Helps Children Grow Up Happier

That grandparents are a precious help for parents is universally recognized! In fact, the possibility for a stressed mom or dad to rely on a "babysitter" of proven experience and who is emotionally involved,…

People Who Talk To Animals Are Smarter Than Those Who Do Not

Anyone with a dog or a cat knows very well what it feels like to talk to them. In moments of loneliness or discouragement, we often find comfort in addressing them as if they were people. For many people this…

Left-handed People Tend To Be More Intelligent Than Right-handed People --- A Study Confirms This

For a long time, in various cultures, left-handed people due to prejudices were considered inferior.  In fact, in Europe, they spoke of the left hand as  "the hand of the devil" and in the Arab-Muslim…

In Sweden, A "solar Angel" Has Been Sighted And Many Believe It Is A Supernatural Phenomenon

It's not hard to understand why human beings have been superstitious for millennia. Can you imagine having to explain lightning or volcanoes but also the simplest things like pregnancy, without any scientific…

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