This man is climbing a mountain --- but when the camera pans ..... -
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This man is climbing a mountain ---…
They look like pictures on a wall --- but when he takes one . . . Surprise! They film a hawk capturing a snake --- then the unexpected happens!

This man is climbing a mountain --- but when the camera pans .....


This man has never considered his disability as an excuse for not doing something. As a matter of fact, Kyle Maynard was born without arms or legs, but that has not prevented him from appreciating the beauty of the world around him and life itself. 

A keen mountain enthusiast, Nike has chosen Kyle Maynard as one of their brand ambassadors! As a mountaineer, Kyle Maynard exemplifies courage and is a living testimony that inspires others to face the challenges of life with everything they have got ... and to never give up ... because he never does!


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