Leave it to a beaver --- to show unsolicited affection! :)

Going on an excursion in the mountains is an exceptional experience, recommended for people of all ages. Not only do you get a chance to breathe clean fresh air, to experience precious silence and to…

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Snow Route--- stunning panorama!

Japan is a country that allows you to see fascinating natural landscapes, that are often even radically different. The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is definitely one of these. It is 37 km (23 miles)…
Japan Mountain Snow

Would you pay to sleep outdoors? An offer by a line of Swiss hotels . . .

The Null Stern is a very special hotel in the Swiss Alps! This hotel has only one room if that is what it can be called! It is actually just a large double bed and two bedside tables equipped with lamps…

This man is climbing a mountain --- but when the camera pans .....

This man has never considered his disability as an excuse for not doing something. As a matter of fact, Kyle Maynard was born without arms or legs, but that has not prevented him from appreciating the…

A girl is snowboarding --- Unaware that "someone" is chasing her!

While browsing the Internet, we often come across tales of spectacular situations and events, but we cannot always be sure of their truthfulness.  In this case, we observe a scenario that definitely…
Animals Bears Mountain Wtf

He cut out a reflective sun shade in the shape of a foot: here's the PERFECT trick against the cold

Although some people say - for me inexplicably - to love winter, the feeling of having frozen feet does not please anyone. It doesn't help sometimes to buy expensive shoes ... all you need is the right…

He cracks an egg into a potato... The result is simply delicious!

If you're going fishing, camping, or you're just relaxing in front of the fireplace, remember this quick and easy recipe. You can also do it in your home, just wrapping a potato in tin foil and putting…

It looks like a normal camping site, but as soon as you step in the tent, you'll be amazed

A holiday completely immersed in nature is an experience that only camping can give you, but this type of experience brings with it many additional aspects. Insects, cold, uncomfortable sleeping conditions…
Mountain Nature Wtf

Here's what it's like to stand in the boots of a skier who has no LIMITS !

If you think that snowboarders are more reckless than skiers, you havn't met Candide Thovex. This French freestyle skier, who seems to have no limits, takes you with him on a breathtaking skiing day !

A man puts a chain around a tree trunk: this method of chopping wood is BRILLIANT.

Preparing for winter is a long and tiring process especially in very cold areas where the load of wood required is huge. Using ingenuity can be very useful: a man in this video shows how to optimize energy…
DIY Ideas Mountain Useful

Extreme Skiing: here's the INSANE downhill that will keep you on the edge of your chair !

The production company Red Bull Media House has followed for over 2 years the best skiers in the world in their breathtaking adventures to create the film 'Days of my youth', which tells us the great…

2 people admire a frozen lake, but what's under their feet is MAGICAL !

When these two men arrived near this quiet lake in Slovakia, the view appeared already wonderful. What they didn't expect was that taking a few steps on the ice would give them another breathtaking surprise.

This downhill skateboard ride in the heart of the Alps will keep you on the edge of your chair !!

With a good dose of courage these two professional skateboarders ride down a road in the middle of the beautiful Alps.

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