Stick cotton swabs in a styrofoam ball to create DIY home decor! -
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Stick cotton swabs in a styrofoam ball…
This London bridge is like many others --- but wait until it starts to move! An ancient Japanese technique that preserves wood for one 100 years!

Stick cotton swabs in a styrofoam ball to create DIY home decor!


This DIY flower will enhance the decor of the rooms in your home, and moreover, making it is very easy, especially if you get your children to help you!

For each flower, you will need a styrofoam ball in which you are going to insert the cotton swabs that have been cut in half. Make the holes in the styrofoam ball with a bamboo skewer, that later will become the flower stalk.

The next step is to dilute some acrylic gouache paint in water to color the tips of the cotton swabs, let dry, and then place the flowers in a beautiful vase!

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