Thinking of a nice way to serve watermelon? A bowl is all you need! -
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Thinking of a nice way to serve watermelon?…
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Thinking of a nice way to serve watermelon? A bowl is all you need!

June 07, 2016 • By Marco Renzi

Summer has finally arrived and the list of friends coming over for dinner is growing fast. What better way to end a meal than serving some juicy and refreshing watermelon?

Not to mention the good you’d be doing to your guests with this very healthy kind of fruit. Watermelon pulp contains carotenoids, including lycopene, a very powerful antioxidant! It’s time to pick your knife and get ready to enjoy this delightful summer fruit!

Put the watermelon on a cutting board and halve it

Put one half of the watermelon downwards and cut the skin off


Cut the pulp crosswise

Cut it horizontally

Positionate a bowl big enough to contain the watermelon on top of it


Flip the bowl over by helping yourselves with the cutting board

Your bowl of perfectly cut watermelon is ready to be put on the table! Enjoy!

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