An experiment shows us how to get out of a car if it falls into deep water! -
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An experiment shows us how to get out…
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An experiment shows us how to get out of a car if it falls into deep water!

May 18, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Knowing how the objects that we use every day are made can be very useful and sometimes even vital! In fact, in this video, by doing a little experiment, we will discover some interesting characteristics and properties concerning car windshields and windows.

First of all, the composition of car windshields and side windows are not, in fact, the same! A windshield is composed of two glass plates separated by a layer of polyvinyl chloride, which holds the plates together in the event of a traumatic impact while the side windows are made of tempered glass compounds.  

Consequently, if you find yourself needing to break out of a car, trying to shatter the windshield is wasted effort! As shown in the video, you need to break a side window, by hitting it near any edge -- and not in the center!


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