Here's how you can save your life if you're choking and are alone (0:50) ! -
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Here's how you can save your life if…
He arrives at the restaurant dressed up as a homeless and is not alowed in, but when he arrives in a Ferrari .. A cat comes in the lounge and finds a tennis ball: his reaction is HILARIOUS !

Here's how you can save your life if you're choking and are alone (0:50) !

April 09, 2015 • By Robert Maggi
Many will know the method to save a person in case he/she has ingested something that prevents him/her from breathing, but what if it happens to you, and you are alone? With the method explained by this man (0:50) You can compress the lungs letting out enough air to free the airways from almost any obstruction. Just get on your knees and lift your arms forward to land on your chest with all of your weight (of course this should not be done by a pregnant woman).


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