Roll your hair on paper towels!? --…
Attach four hula-hoops to a garden box! -- Her idea? A brilliant solution! Do you have an old t-shirt? -- Do not throw it away! -- Look at what you can do!

Roll your hair on paper towels!? -- The result?....Fantastic!

April 13, 2016 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you love curls but do not want to stress your hair with hot curling or flat irons or abrasive hair-care products, then you can try this clever trick that is both economical and does not damage your hair! 

What you need are simple kitchen paper towels that you are going to divide and cut into strips. Next, take a lock of hair, moisten it with a spray bottle, then roll the lock of hair around the paper towel and finally tie the strip by making a knot in the paper towel. Let your hair set in your paper towel curlers all night while you sleep! When you undo the knots the next day?! Beautiful curls! :)

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