Horses run free on a sandy seashore,…
She scratches his chest gently. When she stops, the dog's reaction is unmistakable! A baby elephant approaches some tourists ... The gesture of its mother will surprise you!

Horses run free on a sandy seashore, but look what happens when a man approaches them....

February 10, 2016 • By Robert Maggi

This video is very simple, but it is sufficient just to watch it for a few seconds to understand its real beauty! We observe three horses that are completely at liberty and free to run along the seashore together with one man, their trainer David Lichman. 

What they do together is to perform a series of extremely elegant movements and exercises that denote a profound connection between the man and the three horses! The horses do not seem subdued or forced but rather appear to be extremely respectful of the man who gently invites and encourages them to perform their exercises. What a beautiful symbiotic connection! 


Tags: AnimalsExcitingHorses


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