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Washing Machine hacks --- Here are the…
Put hot glue around safety matches!? Yes! This little trick will surprise you! A woman puts a product on her friend's balding head -- and the effect is astonishing!

Washing Machine hacks --- Here are the 10 most common mistakes we make!


To do laundry in a state-of-the-art manner is not only a matter of sapiently choosing the right laundry detergent to use or selecting the correct cycle or washing program.

Actually, there are many other parameters and factors to consider in order to have spotlessly clean, soft, and nice-smelling clothes. Some tips such as: avoiding high temperatures, not filling the washing machine drum to the limit, and dividing or sorting the laundry are just some of the useful ideas in this video, that we can follow to always have impeccable laundry! 

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