Young woman does not shave her armpits and does not use deodorant: "I want to accept my body for what it naturally is" -
Young woman does not shave her armpits…
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Young woman does not shave her armpits and does not use deodorant: "I want to accept my body for what it naturally is"

August 04, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

We all know how, with the arrival of the scorching heat of summer, there is the possibility of sweating more and, as a result, it is necessary to resort to using more deodorant - especially when going out and mingling with society. This common practice is, however, annoying for some.

For example, the young woman we want to tell you about in this story doesn't like to use cosmetic products to "deodorize herself". She prefers to be always natural and accepts herself for who she is - for better or for worse. Here is her story and why she made the life choices she did.

Fenella Fox, is a young woman who has decided not to submit to the norms imposed by society and has fought against so-called acceptable societal standards. The first thing she did, some time ago, was to no longer worry about the natural hair growing in her armpits and she stopped shaving it.

"I am fine as I am," said the young woman. She continued: "I'm tired of the idea that every woman must be different from what she really is. Everyone has the right to accept their bodies for what they are, and I decided to protest against the expectations that others have of me". Fenella's approach to beauty is to take the all-natural route, and this includes not using deodorant.

No longer interested in cosmetic "artificiality", Fenella stated that she does not like the scents of deodorants and similar products, and prefers to leave her body completely natural. This is an invitation to many women - but also men - not to use artifical means to change their natural functions, appearances and odors. After all, according to Fenella, a lot also depends on one's lifestyle. Our body gives off odors and these, according to her thinking, are linked to what we eat and drink.

Not to mention that her lifestyle choice has also become her way of making a living, Fenella has been able to earn about £300,000 pounds ($ 360,000 dollars) over two years. Yes, this is true! Because of her decision not to shave her armpits, and having shared this choice on the web, she became famous and now has a significant user following.

In short, it is a way to make money, but also to accept yourself for what you are. Fenella's approach is a way to stop feeling constantly uncomfortable and to start believing that you are wonderful just the way you are. Fenella's methods are type of protest that states "enough" with the stereotypes, and to stop the idea that many people have of having to change themselves in order to be accepted in society.


The important thing is to be happy in oneself: once this has been achieved, others will also be able to look at us with different eyes and, hopefully, accept us.

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