This big-hearted teacher let a student…
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This big-hearted teacher let a student sleep during his class

April 05, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Being a teacher isn't always easy. Going to school every morning, entering a classroom and having to teach something important to the children sitting in front of you, could lead to you asking yourself many questions, for instance: Was I right to behave like this and say that thing? What if my students make a poor choice and I can't help them in any way? Am I able to actually do this job effectively or not?

We could go on and on with examples of nagging doubts and anxieties in the mind of a teacher, but we prefer to tell you about what happened to teacher, Mount Syrie.

A high school English teacher, Monte Syrie, decided to share his experience on Twitter. The man became famous on the web and sparked a large number of comments for allowing one of his students to sleep in his class. Don't believe it? We will explain the story here:

Monte wrote in his post that the girl in question, Meg, has so many things to do during the day that she hardly has time to sleep. Obviously this can't become a habit (i.e. sleeping in class), but right now she seemed like she really needed it. The teacher said on Twitter:

"I know there is a right and a wrong way to do things and letting the kids sleep in the classroom is not a good idea. But I don't want this decision of mine to become a habit. I am just convinced that sometimes one needs to follow one's instincts. Maybe others would have scolded Meg, but not me. The girl needed a breather," said Monte.  "I didn't feel offended by her behavior because I understood why she needed to sleep. Meg is a brilliant student, but like everyone, she has many responsibilities, despite her age," he continued.

Monte continued his very long Twitter post emphasizing the importance of empathizing with one's students. Even the kids who are in high school, after all, are not adults yet. They have their formative childhood behind them, but sometimes they experience too much pressure and responsibility from the outside world for their age.

"I cannot treat every student in the same way, it would not be fair," continued the teacher. "Each of them has personal experiences and needs that must be respected. It is not easy to face everyday life and sometimes we all just need a moment of peace. Those who do my job, do not work in factories and do not deal with students. We work with people who have to learn about themselves and find their own way in life. If our kids are in difficulty, we we must help them and respond with empathy. If the world is not like this, but it is cold and detached, then it must be changed. Personally, I want to follow a sensitive approach where each of us is empathetic with the other", he concluded.


The reactions to Monte's post have been very mixed. Some criticised the teacher's behavior, while most agreed with him and all his long discourse on the importance of being empathetic and a role model for young people. Most judged the post a fair and acceptable statement, especially if they put themselves in the shoes of the teacher.

What do you think? Do you agree with Monte or would you have behaved differently to him?


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