An anonymous stranger leaves a note and 10 euros outside the café he had stolen from: "Excuse me, I had no money and I was hungry" -
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An anonymous stranger leaves a note…
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An anonymous stranger leaves a note and 10 euros outside the café he had stolen from: "Excuse me, I had no money and I was hungry"

October 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We live in a world where, unfortunately, the gap between poverty and wealth is getting wider and more evident. There are millionaires and there are those who lack even a little bread with which to relieve hunger pangs. Stealing because you are hungry should not be considered a crime, but it is true that the act of stealing is absolutely not justified. From a café in Pistoia (Italy), the owner published a photo with a ten euro banknote and a note left by a stranger who, days before, had evidently had stolen something to eat. In the note, the stranger apologizes for stealing from the café and justified himself by saying that he was very hungry.

"Hello, excuse me, the other morning I was hungry and I had no money. Thanks" - this is the note left by a stranger, who saw fit to attach 10 euros to pay off his debt from a few days earlier at a café in Pistoia. The owner of the café found the note of apology right outside his restaurant. The apology speaks for itself: someone had stolen some croissants from the café because he was hungry and was now trying to make up for it, paying for the food and thanking the owner.

A gesture full of dignity that impressed both the owner of the café and the owners of other shops. "It's something that struck us a lot", he said, adding that he would offer a job to this mysterious person: "We're going to make a sign that we'll hang in the window and hope to be able to offer this person a job. It's also right to give another chance to someone who has behaved with such dignity".


A story that restores hope for the future of mankind, despite the fact that the economic and social situation in many countries of the world is still very difficult and unstable for some people.






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