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A young man quits because his employer…
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A young man quits because his employer denies him holidays: he's overwhelmed by a wave of criticism

July 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Finding a good job is a problem that affects many, young and old, who, by now, lend themselves to carrying out, more or less, any type of work. Working means being able to plan a future, it means not being economically dependent on anyone else but yourself and it also means having an activity to devote yourself to every day. There are many people who aspire to working hard in a good job, but there are even more who unfortunately remain unemployed. This is probably why the decision by the young Javier Vásquez, who decided to resign, causes so much discussion and excitement. The reason for the dismissal? His employer did not grant him holidays, - a sacred and inalienable right for every worker!

Javier Vásquez, a young worker, wanted to take a vacation to get away from the usual work routine. Anyone who works knows they are entitled to a certain number of days off, so this guy's request doesn't seem all that unusual. The young man didn't give the reasons why his boss wouldn't allow him to take a break, but his public announcement on Facebook, in which he claims to have resigned, has nevertheless aroused much criticism and controversy. Obviously, the first thing to think about is not so much the fact that holidays are a right, but that "in the present time" it's perhaps not a great decision to leave a secure job. The wave of criticism towards him regarding his choice didn't take long to overwhelm him: "It was not the right time" or comments that alluded to the fact that today's young people are not willing to make sacrifices are just some examples of what this guy has faced. In the end, he left for his vacation.

In short, what should be a right has been mistaken for a whim. Another user commented that he wouldn't dare entertain such immature behavior if he were the head of a company. Despite the various criticisms and the questioning of the young man's actions, Javier also received comments from users who defended him and who said that holidays are a right for any worker: the young man was only claiming his rights.

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