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A sheet of aluminum foil behind the radiator: one trick to survive the winter and save on the heating bill

October 30, 2020 • By Alison Forde

During the winter months having a well-tested heating system is a must, ensuring the desired warmth within the walls of your home. It's true that winter can be quite long and especially in some regions of the world, it is also quite harsh. You risk, therefore, finding yourself with a dizzying bill at the end of the month! What to do then? Dying of cold in your own home isn't a plausible option, of course. We want to introduce you to a little trick, which you might already know, which can help both your bank account and your well-being. Did you know that you can save on heat loss and therefore on the bill thanks to a simple sheet of aluminum foil?

image: Wikimedia

Installing a reflector panel behind the radiator, an operation that turns out to be quite simple if you are dealing with a radiator hung on the wall, can really make a difference. This can also be done with simple tinfoil and adhesive tape. On Youtube you will find numerous videos that show you how to firmly fix the aluminum foil behind the radiator, thus avoiding losing too much heat. If you want to be a little more professional and leave the foil in the kitchen, you can always use specially purposed heat reflective panels, which can be purchased in many stores and even online.

Thanks to this simple trick, the aluminum foil placed behind the radiator will reflect the heat back into the room instead of letting it escape unnecessarily through the walls of the house. However, if you already have good thermal insulation in the wall cavities, this tip will be rather useless.

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