She asks for social distancing on the beach for her son who has undergone a transplant but is attacked: "keep him at home" -
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She asks for social distancing on the…
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She asks for social distancing on the beach for her son who has undergone a transplant but is attacked: "keep him at home"

August 06, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Despite the months since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, it seems that there are still many people who are unable to realize the full extent and danger of the virus that is unfortunately bringing the whole world to its knees. Simply, men, women and young people continue to act as if it is nothing, refusing to put into practice even the most basic safety measures, those on which institutions and experts have long insisted, vital to protect themselves and others.

With the arrival of the summer and the obvious excursions to the sea, the situation, in some cases, seems to become even more problematic. Not everyone, in fact, respects the appropriate social distances, and the mother we are going to talk about knows something about this, given that she was the victim of a truly shameful reaction from two women whom she had asked for compliance with the rules.

via: Il Tirreno

"Covid does not exist, if your child is ill keep him at home": this is what the woman was told, when she asked two bathers to distance themselves from her and her son, who had recently undergone a transplant, and was therefore particularly at risk of having a weak immune system.

Like everyone, also this little one and his mother had the right to enjoy a little relaxation on the beach, maintaining the appropriate safety measures. A concept which, however, is unknown to the two women who gave her the shameful answer above. The incident happened on the Tuscan coast in Italy, and was reported by several newspapers and people present on the spot, incredulous about what happened.

According to reports, some bathers were willing to take up the defense of the woman and her particularly delicate baby, innocent and unaware victims of human wickedness and ignorance. We hope never to read stories like this again, and that finally everyone understands the importance of working against an enemy that is anything but "fake".

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