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A doctor's neighbors ask him to change…
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A doctor's neighbors ask him to change houses for fear of contracting the Coronavirus: he responds "I have no where to go"

By Cylia Queen

Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, we've heard many inspiring stories of people doing their best to help those who have been affected by the virus. Other people, however, have not been so altruistic. There are even those who, instead of trying to help those fighting the virus on the frontlines (like medical personnel), they are making their lives more difficult. 

In Moron, Argentina, for example, a doctor was asked by his neighbors to leave his house until the pandemic is over. The doctor's name is Marcelo Roldan and he works at the local hospital in Moron. One day, after he came home from a long shift at the hospital, he found a note on his door asking him to leave his house immediately. 

via: Minutouno
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The note read, "Hello Dr. Roldan. We know what great work you're doing at the hospital and we really appreciate it, but you should also think about your neighbors. Here, in this complex, there are children and elderly people: we ask that you find another place to stay until the Covid-19 pandemic disappears". 

Despite the praise and appreciation that the first line of the note expresses, these people honestly have nothing good to say. Instead of offering words of encouragement, they made their neighbor, who is sacrificing his own life to save thousands of others, feel even more isolated and alone. 

image: Minutouno

Marcelo's response to the note was "They ask me to find another place to live during the pandemic because I am a doctor. I don't, however, have anywhere else to go. Fear sometimes has a way of bringing out the worst in us". It's hard to disgree with Marcelo on this... it seems that fear, in fact, has a way in bringing out the selfish side in us. 

It's a fear, however, that shouldn't be justified, especially when concerning a medical professional who is fighting to save thousands of people from the Coronavirus. We hope that Marcelo's neighbors will come to their senses and apologize for what they asked him to do. No one should feel estranged or isolated more than they have to, especially medical professionals. 

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