Coronavirus can last several days on some surfaces, but contagion is unlikely according to the ISS -
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Coronavirus can last several days on…
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Coronavirus can last several days on some surfaces, but contagion is unlikely according to the ISS

By Alison Forde

Covid-19, also called coronavirus, seems to live from some hours up to several days on some surfaces of our house, above all when these are not frequently sanitized or disinfected; yet, according to the data provided by the ISS (Istituto Superiore della Sanità), contagion in this particular case is unlikely, although obviously not to be excluded. The same is true for food and everyday objects.

via: CDC

According to Silvio Brusaferro, ISS President, "the data shows how the virus can survive for a few hours to a few days on these surfaces where they remain completely protected, that is, are not exposed to cleaning by disinfection works or natural phenomena such as sun and rain. But we also know that it is very sensitive to chlorine and alcohol based disinfectants and that it is transmitted by droplet or hand contact. " 

Again according to Brusaferro's words, the best prevention in these cases is the correct hand hygiene, since the greatest risk of contagion recorded is that with hand contact: "The best way is to wash your hands frequently and correctly. In addition to personal hygiene, environmental hygiene is important: in some private locations we can do it systematically, in other public locations a little less, and then the best prevention is to wash our hands properly. "

image: NPS

In short, washing your hands correctly and using a disinfectant for household items that we touch or use often is a rule to be followed literally according to the ISS, in order to contain if not even cancel the Coronavirus's ability to infect people. It is very simple: "Remember to always disinfect the objects you use frequently (your cell phone, earphones or a microphone) with a cloth moistened with alcohol-based products or bleach (taking into account the indications provided by the manufacturer)."

Further information can be explored on the official website of the Istituto Superiore della Sanità.

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