She decides not to drive after drinking and when she returns to pick up her car she finds a note thanking her -
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She decides not to drive after drinking…
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She decides not to drive after drinking and when she returns to pick up her car she finds a note thanking her


Not getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol should not be considered as being fanatical or an excess of caution - because driving while drunk is really dangerous.

Alcohol, like drugs, greatly reduces cognitive abilities and reflexes and these are capabilities that can make the difference between safe and risky driving.

Even after knowing this, there are times when people still get behind the wheel after an evening of drinking, thinking that nothing will happen and that they will still be able to get home.

That may be so, of course, but also - maybe not. For this reason, driving while under the influence of alcohol is, and will always be a big mistake.

This Canadian woman, that we are about to tell you about understood this and after having dinner at a restaurant, she realized that she had drunk more than she should have.

Therefore, when she went out into the parking lot, she decided, with a great sense of civic and moral responsibility, that driving was not something that she should do that night.

via: CTV News

Consequently, Paula Grzerlak-Schultz left her car in the parking lot of the restaurant in Alberta, with the intention of returning to pick it up the next day or the day after.

And that is what she did. But, evidently, her gesture had not escaped the attention of the restaurant manager, who wanted to express his gratitude and reward her with a special gesture of his own.

Therefore, a couple of days after the dinner when she had gotten a bit "tipsy", Paula returned to the restaurant to pick up her car. When she approached her car, she saw a note on the windshield. Initially, she thought it was a parking fine, but then, after reading it, she realized that it was something completely different.

In fact, it was a message from the owner of the pub! Please just read the text to understand the significance of her small but at the same time, extremely important gesture.

"I just wanted to thank you for leaving your car in the parking lot overnight. I am not sure if you had consumed alcohol at our restaurant or not don't know if you drank alcohol or not, but we wanted to thank you for not drinking and driving. Enclosed is a voucher for one pound of our delicious chicken wings. Please accept this as a thank you for being responsible. Life is valuable, have a great weekend."

What this woman had experienced was so unexpected and positive that she wanted to make public what had happened. Thus, both the note from the restaurant manager as well as Paula's gesture of moral and civic responsibility have been seen on the Internet and have collected thousands of likes and shares.

There is no doubt, indeed, that both protagonists displayed admirable behavior. However, it is not at all obvious, unfortunately, that everyone realizes that, after drinking, one cannot get behind the wheel, and that this has repercussions on everyone's safety.

The restaurant manager, on the other hand, was magnanimous and inspiring at the same time and summed up perfectly the reasons why one should always reflect on what one does, especially if life and safety are at stake.


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