She tries to feed the homeless but the food finishes after only a few minutes! A McDonald's manager decides to help her. -
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She tries to feed the homeless but the…
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She tries to feed the homeless but the food finishes after only a few minutes! A McDonald's manager decides to help her.


The list of things on Earth that are not going as they should is really long and are enough to discourage a lot of people and make them believe that it is almost impossible to change the situation.

Harmful events, except for natural ones, do not happen by themselves; they are almost always provoked by human beings. Therefore, each person can learn to do their small part to change their little part of the world for the better.

It is with this spirit that a woman from Texas with the heart of a  "Samaritan" decided to help the less fortunate in her city and by doing so, she also received some unexpected help.

via: Fox News
image: Facebook

The woman's name is Hazeal Cain and one day, with one of her friends, she thought of setting up a free banquet on a street in her city, offering free food to the homeless.

What the two benefactors had not considered was the amount of food available in proportion to the number of people who could potentially line up to receive free food.

Within minutes of opening the impromptu free food distribution, all the food was already finished. At that point, Hazeal was forced to go to the nearby McDonald's that was on the other side of the street to buy some more food.

image: kiii TV

When Hazeal entered fast food place asking for 40 hamburgers, a single order that was so large that it left both the customers and the employees at the counter speechless. Matthew Ortiz, the McDonald's manager, could not help but ask who was all the food for.

Hazeal, immediately, told him about her free food initiative and, then timidly, asked him, if maybe his McDonald's would be interested in contributing to the cause.

image: Facebook

Matthew, who had decided right away to make his own contribution, did not need to be asked twice and he offered Hazeal a discount on the price.

Thanks to this reduction in price, Hazeal was able to take away 60 instead of 40 hamburgers and these were enough to feed all the homeless people who were waiting outside in the street.

Hazeal shared McDonald's gesture of solidarity on social media networks, thanking the staff at the fast-food restaurant and also the company, for the great generosity shown.

Therefore, once again, we have witnessed that the world is not a foreign entity, a divinity that does only what it wants in spite of human beings!

No, thankfully, the world is made up of many different people who, individually or in groups, can do something concrete to improve it.

In fact, the famous singer Patti Smith sang "People Have the Power", but only rarely do we remember these important words.

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