Children who help with household chores will become successful adults -
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Children who help with household chores…
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Children who help with household chores will become successful adults


There are parents who do all the household chores and activities and do not involve their children.

This happens because these parents do not consider their children capable of performing these chores or they prefer to let them concentrate on other things such as studying or playing.

On the other hand, however, there are parents who realize that involving their children in small domestic chores and activities, in line with their age, makes children happy and satisfied.

Moreover, perhaps, they do not know it, but they are also doing something even more significant for their children! Yes, they are helping them to become successful adults.

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"If children are not washing the dishes it means that someone else is doing it for them ... And, consequently, they are not only absolved from working, but also from learning that the work must be done and that each of us must contribute ..." said Julie Lythcott-Haims, a Stanford University teacher and author of the book "How to Raise an Adult".

Washing the dishes can be tedious or tiring, as well as putting things away, or folding clothes. But, if we do not involve our children in domestic chores and activities within their capabilities, the message we risk sending them is that there will always be someone to do things for them and instead of them.

Rather, they should learn that in life, we all ​​need to take responsibility and that we need to collaborate with others to reach our goals.

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Moreover, it is precisely this ability to collaborate with others that will make them successful adults who are able to relate to their employers and colleagues.

Therefore, by becoming responsible children and then independent adults, they will not be the type of person who always waits for their employer's request for them to do better and more!

So dear parents, do not worry, involving children in domestic chores and activities adapted to their age is an excellent practice.

It is not a question of exploiting anyone, especially children, but of helping them forge their character by providing constant opportunities for them to develop personal independence and responsibility!


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