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9 types of foods that should be avoided…
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9 types of foods that should be avoided to have a healthy heart


Our health is directly related to what we eat. Our energy and our defenses come from food, but also some substances that may not be very friendly to our well-being. 

Consequently, when it comes to heart health, the question becomes important and delicate. This organ is the real engine of our body; thanks to our heart our vital lymph flows and feeds us. 

Perhaps, more than any other part of the body, it is important that the heart is kept healthy. To do this, it is necessary to "feed" it adequately, with foods that do not stress it and do not contribute to damaging the circulatory system.

Perhaps you are true food aficionados of the foods that we about to list for you, and you find it very difficult to give them up!

However, if you care about your heart, then it would be better to at least reduce them a little, or avoid them altogether, to keep your arteries clean and "open" from your head to your toes!

1. Vegetables, beans, and canned soups

Beware of these cans and jars of these foods that may seem to be excellent solutions for side dishes and healthy meals.

If they contain too much salt, the effect will be contrary. It is known that, in excessive amounts, salt increases blood pressure.

Furthermore, monosodium glutamate (MSG) (a flavor enhancer), that is often added to these foods, has been linked to greater risks of heart palpitations.


2. Frozen foods

image: Pixabay

Sometimes there is nothing more convenient, than frozen foods,  if we do not have much time and desire to cook, but we still want to enjoy a full meal.

However, numerous frozen foods contain high levels of sodium, to the complete disadvantage of blood pressure and, therefore, in regards to maintaining a healthy heart.

3. Cold cut meats and sausages

image: Pixabay

It is well known, but it is worth repeating. Cold cut meats and sausages preserved with the addition of salt are not good for the heart and arteries. They can also be directly linked to the increase in cholesterol levels, due to the saturated fats they contain.

4. Cakes, candy, and desserts

Cakes and other desserts can be included in those foods that are difficult to resist. It has been verified, however, that baked goods can contain not inconsiderable quantities of trans fatty acids, substances that stress the heart, along with sugar, that these products usually contain in excessive doses.

5. Ice cream

The presence of ice cream on this list will probably discourage many people. But also, in this case, it is all a matter of saturated fats, that are harmful to the arteries and the heart.

In fact, ice cream contains, often in high quantities, saturated fats, which can be potentially harmful to our health.

6. Fried foods

image: maxpixel

Also, in this case, it would seem to be obvious, but let's think about how many foods around us are fried. Truly a lot, and in the most diverse food contexts.

Frying foods is widely used to enhance their flavor, but fried food generates trans fats and can contain high amounts of cholesterol.

7. Liver

Everyone may not like liver, but it is also used for healing purposes. It is in fact rich in iron, and useful in the event of deficiencies in this sense.

However, its benefits are also accompanied by potentially harmful features, such as an increase in cholesterol levels that liver can promote, as well as the high amount of saturated fat it contains.

8. Cottage cheese

Perhaps some may associate cottage cheese with healthy diets that are low in sodium.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, cottage cheese, although tasty and not very salty, can often still contain high levels of sodium, favoring an increase in blood pressure which makes it a not entirely beneficial food.

9. Red meat

image: Pixabay
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